I am psychologist, licensed in the state of California (PSY 26407).  I specialize in working with trauma and integrating psychedelic experiences. I create a safe, warm, and nonjudgmental environment in which you can feel comfortable being yourself. I take a holistic approach to my work, with an underlying belief that the mind, emotions, body, and spirit are interconnected. My gentle curiosity and compassionate understanding help me to support you in sorting through confusion, overcoming challenges, improving relationships, and becoming more authentically yourself. I am a meditation practitioner and incorporate mindfulness into my work. I have experience working with people of a wide range of cultures and identities. I identify as fluid in terms of gender and sexuality and have an affinity for working with gender non-binary and bi-sexual folks. I am sensitive to issues of cultural trauma and systemic oppression, and am an active ally for people of color and gender and sexual minorities.

Resulting from my lifelong interest in holistic and equatable healthcare, and passion for social justice, I’ve dedicated the past few years to founding Sage Integrative Health and its sister nonprofit organization, Sage Institute.

Sage Integrative Health, located in South Berkeley, is an integrative health center that offers a range of holistic health modalities through a collaborative model. Our caring and skilled practitioners work in concert to provide a network of care that supports the body, mind and spirit, creating a powerful alternative to the fragmented and de-personalized mainstream healthcare system. Our offerings include mental health, acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine, bodywork, nutrition, herbs, naturopathic medicine, and ketamine assisted therapy.

Sage Institute was developed as a response to the increasingly glaring need for an accessible model for psychedelic-assisted therapy as it becomes legal and assimilated into the mainstream. We hold these powerful medicines with integrity and a deep respect for the indigenous traditions who first used entheogenic plants for healing purposes. The Institute houses a sliding scale clinic and offers rigorous training for psychotherapy interns. Our model is grounded in depth psychotherapy and trauma-informed care. We are in active dialogue with issues of diversity, accessibility and social justice as we offer psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy to communities who have been excluded from the psychedelic movement and, through the drug war, targeted and criminalized for involvement with mind-altering substances. You can read more about our approach to diversity and accessibility in psychedelic medicine in this article, published in Chacruna.